Event Planning and 3D Printing

Every Organizer’s Headaches

For all companies, the generation of sufficient revenues is a process highly correlated with the company’s survival, no matter the product or the service it offers to its customers. The Event Planning industry can measure this by using the metric of Customer Satisfaction, which is a straightforward indicator. Higher customer satisfaction leads to higher revenues. We all know that an exceptional event planning service is characterized by the level of organizing as well as, the amount of personalization and luxury inventory that can be provided during an event. As many of you know, every client has unique taste and inquiries that usually bring headache to the organizers. Let’s see why is 3d printing for event planning useful.

The best solution

As I was talking with people working in events, the thing that an event planning expert is personalized decorative objects and the ability to avoid stock items for every happening. I was preoccupied with these specific needs and came up with a viable and innovative solution using our 3d printing technology.

Our technology and skills can create unique items for every event using every aspect and parameter that has to be considered such as the concept, the client’s personality, quality, size, number of copies even the personal taste of each individual guest of the event using mass customization mentality and techniques. This kind of attitude can solve any problem and keep their clients AND their clients’ guests delighted while reducing the stock since guests can take these decorations as a reminder of the wonderful event they have attended.

Too Complicated?

It is very easy to be overwhelmed with the possibilities and concepts and get lost in a field where knowledge, skills and creativity are dominant. Each technology and industry has its unique advantages but also specific requirements. These requirements can easily act as inhibitors for using the 3D Printing technology. This is because an event planner must know the limitations and the capabilities of this new technology as well as the skills that someone must know to sketch, design and use the 3d printer. Although, everything can be learned (as any other skill) the decisive factors are time and manufacturing expertise that come with the actual manufacturing process. These factors are discouraging the event planner experts to avoid using this awesome process and try (as the most reasonable professionals) to simplify their work process.

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Can we simplify the use?


Of course! Having several years of experience with the technology is much easier to narrow down the possibilities and ideas and check the manufacturability of each item. We have taken the time to make our projects, fail big and still have the patience to prototype so that any event planner professional to focus on the part of ideation, pleasing their clients and coordinating the events.


Knowing the manufacturing process of 3D Printing we are able to give you high quality items for your events without worrying about technical details, anxiety or deadlines. We work with you to create a list of the clients’ ideas, the estimation of price and time and finally you can be relaxed that every event will have its personal items and the unique atmosphere your clients were looking for.



Item quality is a top priority issue for your events and that is why your business needs experienced collaborators in order to, have the quality of the events’ decoration and inventory taken care of.


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