How 3d printing can work with tooling
This post is going to help you understand the benefits of 3d printing for tooling. How tooling can leverage 3d printing technology to improve the manufacturing process and efficiency of the tool making.

Why tooling is important for?

For all manufacturing companies, the most important part of their production (except the design) is tooling. As every manufacturer knows, tooling refers to cutting tools, fixtures, jigs and accessories used in molding, casting or assembling techniques. Each one of them uses different tooling based on the specifications of the product that is currently manufactured. When the product stops to be produced, the corresponding equipment is stored or even disposed after the production. These tools are used to be manufactured through CNC machining which is a time-consuming and expensive technique.

The best solution

While I was having the opinions of some expert tooling makers and business owners, the thing that everyone wants, is the reduction of prototyping phase as well as, the increase in functionality. Thus, 3d printing is the perfect candidate for tooling.  

Using our technology and skills, we can create complex shapes when the objective is about the improvement of use and also minimize the individual parts that constitute each tool. Having the digital files from our clients we manage to create the smaller number of parts needed to make the tool. Furthermore, we can test the dimensional accuracy and functionality before integrating the new tools into the production. This process can make the “life” of your employees easier, their work improved and the complex inventory of the production smaller. Thus, 3d printing for tooling can test, increase efficiency and even reduce the tooling inventory in favor of space, money and ease of use.

Too Complicated?

It is very easy to be overwhelmed with the possibilities and concepts and get lost in a field where knowledge, skills and creativity are interconnected. Each technology and industry has its unique advantages but also specific requirements. These requirements can easily act as inhibitors for using the 3D Printing technology. This is because a tool maker must know the limitations and the capabilities of this new technology as well as the skills that someone must use, like know to sketch, design or even use a 3d printer. Although, everything can be learned (as any other skill) the decisive factors are time and manufacturing expertise that come with the actual manufacturing process. These factors are discouraging the tool maker experts to avoid using this awesome process and try (as the most reasonable professionals) to simplify their work.

It will take less time to drop us a word about your project than read the blog post.

Can we simplify the use?


Certainly! Having several years of experience with the technology is much easier to narrow down the possibilities and ideas and check the manufacturability of each item. We have taken the time to make our projects, fail big and still have the patience to prototype so that any tool maker professional can focus on the part of using better tools.


Knowing the manufacturing process of 3D Printing we are able to give you high quality tools for your workshop or company without having anxiety and ensure that your clients’ deadlines will be fulfilled.


We work with you to create optimized tools either for specific or multifunctional use. We optimize your tools so you can be reassured that every product you make will have better and improved ergonomics. Which is giving to each product the ability having unique features built-in.

Let’s Innovate!!!

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