3D Printed Electronics

Have you heard of 3d printed electronics?

Do you seek to integrate electronics to your products? Looking to improve your design freedom? Are you trying to create new and improved components? Is smart components interest you?

That is why we are expanding our capabilities! 

Now, we can use the best tools along with the latest manufacturing technology on electronics to help you achieve your goals. 

In MaterDome, we are using AM technology in our holistic approach for design and manufacturing to create unique lightweight and optimized structural applications by defining the intent use, the requirements and the applicable materials.

Now, we are able to take a step forward and incorporate embedded circuitry, sensors, antennas and surface mounted devices to your components. It is possible for you, to create the smart components and devices that can make your products or services to stand out from the competition!

3D Printed or Non-Planar Printed Electronics

Electronics can be applied to various structural applications and improve the efficiency and productivity in most sectors.

The use state-of-the-art technology to help you create non planar integrated electronic components and our optimized design process allows the seamless integration of this optimized design to most of the possible surfaces. These surfaces can be either 3d printed using most of the thermoplastic materials or produced with other industrial manufacturing process like injection molding, casting etc.

You can integrate some of the most useful types of electronics like:

Embedded Circuits

Integrating the necessary circuitry on a curved (non-planar), flexible and rigid surfaces and substrates. You have the capability of creating functional devices using embedded circuits on surfaces that was hard to use until now.

Design Freedom 80%
Improved Functionality 70%
3d printed circuits on flexible substrate
3d printed antennas

3D Printed Antennas

Create customized antennas for your stationary or mobile devices.

Reduce Product Thickness 90%
Improved Design Flexibility 70%
No Hard tooling, plastic resins or plating 100%
Reduced Lead Times 65%

Direct 3D Printing on Molded Interconnected devices (MID)

Integrate circuitry on your preferred injection-molded thermoplastic parts.

Simpler Process Chain 74%
Reduced manual work 62%
3d printed MID circuits
3D Printed Sensors


Using a variety of ink and paste types for a range of functionalities, printed materials and surface mounted devices, we can create unique sensors integrated into mechanical optimized structures.

Customized Design Sensors 74%
Perfect Fit for specific Parts 100%

Heater Patterns

The use of various pastes and inks, allows the manufacturing of 3d printed heaters.

Customized Design 92%
Weight Savings 50%
3D Printed Heater

Let's produce your next best application.

Let your ideas be the guide for improving your products and services.

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