MaterDome is an Additive Manufacturing Solutions & Services Company. 

Combine Additive Manufacturing processes, high engineering materials, advanced optimization and industrial techniques into R&D to create extraordinary components.

Our Strategy

Additive Manufacturing Design

Design for Additive Manufacturing

The use of Design for Additive Manufacturing can optimize any shape and transform your own ideas and mechanical designs into complex functional shapes. Take advantage of the additive technology abilities.

What is Additive Manufacturing

Innovation with Facts & Data

Generate fully customizable shapes for any of your components, devices or products to align with your needs. Use your design, engineering and customer data to choose and accurately make your decisions.

What is Additive Manufacturing

Material Selection

Material Science and simulation data guide any decision wisely. Decide, analyze and validate the right combination of materials for your project.

What are you looking for?

Improved Performance

Create high performance and complex structures to improve design. Use the best structure to help you make any part, component or product that you need, better.

Material Selection

Manage the selection and the combination of materials to meet the technical requirements and make better their mechanical properties.

Tech Innovation

Additive Manufacturing is the core technology of our choice. That is why we help you use the proper techniques from prototyping stage to small production runs.

What can Additive Manufacturing offer?

Our method and technology is not used just to build  beautiful decorative objects or easy replacement parts. We are focused on creating functional and improved customized parts, devices, products and upgrade your production.


The requirements of the part, component or product as well as the customer and the environment dictate the specifications and let us do the heavy lifting of research & development of the optimum model as well as the selection of proper materials and manufacturing technique.


Our network, facilities, knowledge and experience makes possible the use of different techniques such as FDM, SLS, DMLS and handle high performance materials.


It's not all about aesthetics. Post-processing has also an additional purpose. Every material has specific processes that play an important role on the component's final visual, mechanical and chemical properties.

Why MaterDome?

Our purpose is to bring extraordinary components to life. MaterDome is started as a manufacturing company driven by the new era of technological advancements and science. Make your tools and parts be even more effective.
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