MaterDome is a Additive Manufacturing Solutions & Services Company.  We combine Additive Manufacturing techniquesengineering materialsoptimization and advanced industrial processes to create extraordinary components.

Improved Performance

We create High Performance & Complexity structures with advance simulations.

Material Selection

Each component dictates the selection and combination of materials to meet the technical requirements.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive is the core technology from Prototyping up to Small Production runs.

Our Services

Innovation & Results

Additive Manufacturing Design

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Transform your ideas or mechanical designs into 3d digital objects. Use DFAM to optimize for your needs.

What is Additive Manufacturing


Build unique components for your needs. The digital world favors the “brave”.

What is Additive Manufacturing

Prototyping & Small Production Runs

Get prototypes or even limited series of components.

Additive Upgrade

The technology is not used just to build replacements. We are focused on how to manufacture for upgrade.

Research & Design

Set the requirements of the component and its environment and let us do the heavy lifting of research & development of the optimum CAD model.


The technology and the materials are determined from the final design of the digital component.


It's not all about aesthetics. In MaterDome, it is also an additional aspect of the component's properties.

Why MaterDome?

Our purpose is to bring extraordinary components to life. MaterDome is started as a manufacturing company driven by the new era of technological advancements and science. Make your tools and parts be even more effective.

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