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Research and Development

Creating the most suitable part, we must combine design, materials and Additive Technologies to satisfy the requirements and specifications and obtain the desirable outcome.

Focused on:

R&D Additive Manufacturing
Material Importance in Additive Manufacturing

Material Selection

With the rise of Additive Technologies the engineering grade materials created a new base of material selection. Their abilities and use can entirely different than the traditional ones.

Material Considerations:

Design & Engineering for Additive Manufacturing

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) plays an extremely important role in the new industrial manufacturing process. Design is one of the three major pillars to ensure each custom component’s mechanical performance. DfAM is based on data from production requirements, client specifications, engineering needs and material selection.

Our Design Services:

Additive Manufacturing- 3D Printing
Additive Manufacturing Production

Digital Manufacturing

Additive Technologies and engineering grade materials are the basis of the proper manufacturing for high complexity parts for prototyping, testing as well as, end-use parts in various industries like industrial manufacturing, aerospace, marine and consumer goods.

Manufacturing Considerations:

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