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General Information

The manufacturing industry is composed of many different sectors and techniques, the most important are the molding (injection and casting), cold rolled (mainly springs) technology, computer numerical (CNC) and the emerging Additive Manufacturing. Every method has its own advantages and we can use them according to the use of the objects we want to produce, their size and available time for the creation of our project.

Having an overall knowledge of the materials’ properties and the various ways that can be processed, I was excited by the Additive Manufacturing technology from the very beginning. As it can be seen from its name, Additive technology is the direct transfer of a design from a computer screen – literally – to our hand. Starting from “absolute zero” base, and material in the form of powder, filament or liquid, the desired object is made on our machine platform by depositing sequentially linear layers until the object is formed exactly like the one in the digital design environment of our computer.


Like all sectors of the manufacturing industry, the Additive Manufacturing is made up of individual technologies based mainly on the materials that can b used for the creation of the desirable object and its physical properties. So, the main additive technologies are FDM / FFF, DLP and SLS, which use materials such as filaments, resin and powder respectively. Each category has, of course, its own assets and drawbacks, some of which offer stunning dimensional accuracy, extremely simple post processing or create objects with full colored surfaces. Despite the differences that we can observe and use in our own projects, there are some common advantages that make the use of Additive technology extremely beneficial to almost every industry.

Our appoach

Using Additive Manufacturing technology for years, it is clear for us in daily basis the freedom, immediacy and flexibility of this production process. Typically, each new project demonstrates how easy a designer has the ability to save his ideas in a digital file. There are considerably fewer constraints for the designer during the process of conceiving an idea and it is remarkable how he can create and innovate having the opportunity to think “out of the box” and improve the different areas of a product such as performance, shape and even details. This way the Additive Manufacturing is used from us to encourage every company’s staff into innovation and re-introduction of existing products.

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